Project: BLM Survey in Central Utah
Location: Central Utah
Completion: February 2010

The project required the layout of 7 townships of BLM land in Central Utah. There were a total of 467 BLM survey monuments to establish every 1/2 mile. The total section line mileage was over 250. The total acreage of the project was 86,400. This project was completed in 11 field days and final deliverables were completed 6 days later. From start to finish was  16 days.

In addition, we are current ranked #1 for the Nevada BLM IDIQ for region 3 and short listed on regions 4 and 5.

This project was the featured story in the August 2011 national magazine called POB. You can check out the link below to read teh article.

BLM Cadastral Projects
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